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LUMS National Outreach Program 2023-24 | LUMS NOP APPLICATION 2023-24


LUMS National Outreach Program 2023-24 (NOP Scholarship)

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has announced the commencement of the registration process for the National Outreach Program (NOP) scholarship for the year 2023. The NOP is designed to support academically talented individuals with financial constraints, enabling them to pursue higher education in esteemed institutions. Through the NOP, LUMS extends an invitation to such students to participate in summer coaching classes. Following various assessments, eligible students are granted admission to LUMS with comprehensive financial support.
Under the National Outreach Program, LUMS covers all expenses related to traveling, summer coaching, entrance test fees, and more. The university has thus far awarded NOP Scholarships to over 1300 students. Upon the successful conclusion of the coaching sessions, students undergo the LUMS entry test, competing on merit alongside their peers. Those who qualify after the entry test are then granted full scholarships for four-year undergraduate degree programs at LUMS.

National Reach, Global Impact

At LUMS, our mission is clear: to invest in Pakistan's future by nurturing tomorrow's leaders. Central to this vision is the National Outreach Program (NOP), a transformative initiative designed to eliminate educational inequality and cultivate a diverse community of capable leaders committed to the prosperity of Pakistan. NOP is the best scholarship in Pakistan for University Students.

NOP reaches across the nation, welcoming students from various ethnicities and backgrounds. Our dedicated Outreach Team travels to over 145 cities, conducting sessions to encourage talented individuals to apply. The diversity within NOP is a testament to the deep patriotism embodied by this prestigious scholarship.

Far beyond a traditional scholarship, NOP is a rigorous fellowship program. Candidates undergo training and assessment for their ability to meet the challenges of studying at LUMS. Throughout their journey, NOP scholars engage with exclusive resources, contributing not only to their personal growth but also to the wider community. This commitment extends beyond graduation, with alumni actively participating in mentoring and outreach initiatives.

Recognized internationally for its excellence, NOP has produced over 1025 graduates, including 55 international scholarship recipients. These alumni are making significant contributions in competitive job markets, entrepreneurial endeavors, and academia worldwide.

In essence, NOP scholars benefit from a multicultural environment, dedicated faculty, and unparalleled enhancement opportunities, forming a solid foundation for lifelong success. By joining the most rigorous university and program in the country, NOP students ascend to the pinnacle of higher education, creating a cadre of impactful change-makers who contribute to communities globally.

Eligibility Criteria for LUMS NOP Scholarship 2023

·        Minimum 80% marks in Metric or equivalent in O-Levels.

·        Financial Need



NOTE: Last date for the NOP Application is 12 March 2023.


·        Full coverage of NOP Summer Coaching Session (SCS) expense (except travel costs).

·        100% exemption of LUMS Admission Test.

·        100% Financial Aid upon need evaluation.

·        Stipend, Loading, Extra Academic resources, free one-to-one counseling.

Application Form (How To Apply)

Step 1: Create an Application at:

Step 2: Complete all sections to submit your application.

Step 3: Provide all required documents.

Step 4: Attend the Two-weeks NOP SCS at Campus.

Step 5: Fill out the undergraduate admission application.



You will get the LUMS National Outreach Program 2023-24 Application on

                                                   APPLY HERE

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